(Scene goes outside the Water house, Water Dolly's voice is heard, then scene is inside the house, in the kitchen)

Water Dolly: Can we get a laptop?

WaterDad: First, you have to... (deep voice) merit it!

Watergirl: And how to merit the laptop?

WaterMom and WaterDad: (sighs)

WaterDad: Be good kids for one week.

Waterboy: What do you mean, be good?

WaterMom: Don't do anything silly, for the week.

Watergirl: Mom, it's Sunday!

WaterMom: For the next week!

Water Dolly: Okay... today it's monday, we must be good until the next sunday...

WaterDad: You are cleve-

Water Dolly: Rewind the time and get back to today!

Waterboy: Sis, that's impossible!

(Scene: the school. The Water siblings are talking in the hall)

Waterboy: Girls, we can do bad things. Just don't let mom nor dad know about that.

Watergirl: Secretly!