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This page lists the secondary characters.

Fireboy's Relatives Edit

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Firegirl Edit

Main article: Firegirl

Firegirl is a 8 years old girl student, who is the sister of Fireboy and best friend of Vanessa. She can be mistaken for a boy, because of her hair.

FireMom Edit

Main article: FireMom

FireMom is a mother figure to Fireboy and Firegirl, and wife figure to FireDad. She is working somewhere, but it's unknown, unlike her husband.

FireDad Edit

Main article: FireDad

FireDad is father figure to Fireboy and Firegirl, and husband figure to FireMom. He is a programmer.

Watergirl's Relatives Edit

Main article: Water Family

WaterDad Edit

Main article: WaterDad

WaterDad is a father figure to Watergirl and her siblings. He has a yellow eye. His occupation is unknown.

WaterMom Edit

Main article: WaterMom

WaterMom is a mother figure to Watergirl, Water Dolly and Waterboy. She shares voice actor with Watergirl.

Water Dolly Edit

Main article: Water Dolly

Water Dolly is a younger sister figure to Watergirl, twin sister figure to Waterboy, and daughter figure to her mother and father. It is possible that she and Waterboy are in pre-school.

Waterboy Edit

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Waterboy is the twin figure to Water Dolly and younger brother figure to Watergirl, and the only son figure to WaterMom and WaterDad. He and Water Dolly are 5 years old.

Other Secondary Characters Edit