This article you can read the relationships of Fireboy.

Family Edit

Firegirl Edit

Fireboy and Firegirl are siblings. They share their favourite things to each other, such as in "FireDad's Job" when Fireboy decided to interest about their father's job, Firegirl also interested.

FireMom Edit

FireMom is Fireboy's mother. Although they are not in common sometimes, Fireboy and FireMom talk to each other and share things.

FireDad Edit

FireDad is Fireboy's father. They talk to each other and share things, and Fireboy is even interested about him, such as in "FireDad's Job".

Girlfriend Edit


Watergirl Edit

Fireboy and Watergirl are boyfriend and girlfriend, though they don't kiss or hug each other in many episodes. However, they do stupid things together in the school. They love each other since when they were in kindergarten, as seen in "Fireboy's Origins 2" and "Watergirl's Origins 2", and was mentioned in "Flashback Time".

Friends Edit

ZungBoy Edit

Fireboy and ZungBoy are shown to be best friends. They hang out with each other in several episodes.

BlackGirl Edit

Fireboy and BlackGirl are shown to be best friends while hanging out with each other in several episodes.

Rockboy Edit

Fireboy and Rockboy are close friends. However, when Rockboy is grumpy, Fireboy screams at him for the hard feeling.

Lightboy Edit

Although in "Focusing at Mistakes", Lightboy focused at Fireboy and Watergirl's things, Fireboy and Lightboy are partners.

Leafgirl Edit

Fireboy and Leafgirl are usually friends, but in "Endless Question Film", it was enough for Fireboy that Leafgirl is lame.

Icegirl Edit

Fireboy and Icegirl show a friendly relationship. In "Fireboy & Watergirl Goes to School", Icegirl became a wild animal for Fireboy touching her.

Vanessa Edit

Fireboy and Vanessa are shown to be friends. Their partnership was a possible.

Waterboy Edit

Fireboy and Waterboy, as approval to a future brother-in-law, are close partners.

Water Dolly Edit

Fireboy and Water Dolly have a partnership as sibling-in-laws.

WaterMom Edit

Fireboy and WaterMom are approval to a relative-in-law.

WaterDad Edit

Fireboy and WaterDad had the approval in the premiere episode of the entire show, "Lavas & Waters"