*The screen focuses to the school; Fireboy and Watergirl are walking in the school hallway*

Fireboy: Watergirl! Those pictures on the yellow wall are very cool!

Watergirl: My boyfriend, the wall is green.

Fireboy: Oh Watergirl. This means I'm colorblind?

Watergirl: Yes, but calm down.


Watergirl: Oh, everyone makes mistakes, Fireboy!

Fireboy: I DON'T CA... *calms down* Oh, I was angry at you because of colorblindness.

Watergirl: Wait, my boyfriend, one minute. I will come with our friends! *tries to kiss Fireboy*

Fireboy: *screams*

Watergirl: What?

Fireboy: Nothing.

Watergirl: *runs away*

Fireboy: *screams*

Watergirl: Seriously nothing, my boyfriend?

Fireboy: NOT!!!

Watergirl: Okay...

Fireboy: *clams up his mouth to stop screaming*

Fireboy: I can't live without h...

Fireboy: FIREBOY!!!

Fireboy: Sorry Fireboy.

*2 minutes later*

Watergirl: Here we are, Fireboy!

Icegirl: What is his problem?

Watergirl: He is colorblind and we should try to solve the problem.

ZungBoy: What color is my face?

Fireboy: Oh... White?

ZungBoy: *sighs* You're right, Watergirl, he is really colorblind.

Watergirl: I told you so! *dances at her happiness*

Leafgirl: Shouldn't we solve the colorblindness instead of dancing?

Watergirl: Oh, sorry!

Lightboy: What color is my shoe, Fireboy?

Fireboy: *thinks* I think it's gray.

Lightboy: No, it is blue.

Rockboy: What color is me?

Fireboy: Oh, I don't know what color is it... *thinks* Yellow?

Rockboy: Guess not.

Icegirl: I think he's just playing the idiot.

Leafgirl: Then look at his eyes from the inside.

Icegirl: Leafgirl, you're a genius! *hugs her*

Leafgirl: Do you even do it?

Icegirl: I will do Leafgirl's idea! *rinses her eye and watches Fireboy's eye from the inside*

Icegirl: I see Leafgirl as orange, but she is green!

BlackGirl: So, Fireboy is colorblind, he's not playing the idiot.

ZungBoy: Yes. But we weren't coming for checking Fireboy's colorblindness, we were coming to make him see the real colors!

Fireboy: Finally, someone said this.

ZungBoy: You are welcome.

Lightboy: And we were NOT coming to talk!

ZungBoy: Sorry bro.

Watergirl: WILL WE EVER FIX THE PROBLEM? *calms down*

Everyone except Fireboy and Watergirl: She's right!

ZungBoy: See my eyes. Is it true that those are black?

Fireboy: No, those are navy blue.

ZungBoy: Guys! The problem is about to be solved!

Everyone: Yippy!

Fireboy: Yay, and when will it be solved?

Leafgirl: I don't wanna hurt you, but nobody knows when will it be solved completely.

Fireboy: TELL ME!

Leafgirl: I think it will be solved half an hour later.

Fireboy: NO "I THINK"! TELL ME!

Leafgirl: I don't know.

Fireboy: *calms down slowly*

Icegirl: I think he has anger issues.

Leafgirl: I was almost deaf because of hi...

Watergirl: Help him, not talk about him, girls!

Icegirl and Leafgirl: Sorry.

BlackGirl: Come with me Icegirl and Leafgirl.

Leafgirl: What will you be talking about?

BlackGirl: I think there are problems in the world, but because our buddy is colorblind, World War 3 is about to start.

Leafgirl and Icegirl: Okay. But watch the war!

Blackgirl: I just said something.

Watergirl: Fireboy, we will fix you after the war, but now hide somewhere.

Fireboy: Okay! *runs away and hides somewhere, but still watches the fake World War 3*

Rockboy: Wait buddies. Where are the flags?

Watergirl: Okay. Take it to our tummies. I'm United Kingdom.

BlackGirl: I'm United States.

ZungBoy: I'm India.

Icegirl: I'm Russia.

Rockboy: I'm a statue, but I'm Italy.

Lightboy: And I'm Hungary.

Rockboy: 3, 2, 1... START!

Everyone: *bullies each other and make superpowers*

Watergirl: *thinks: I will shoot laser-waters by my eyes, but they will still survive it!* *actualizes the power*

Lightboy: *thinks: I will vomit light with opening my mouth, so I will survive it!* *actualizes the power*

Fireboy: *thinks: Oh, I can't watch that my friends are getting killed!*

Rockboy: *thinks: Even a statue can move and fight. Shoot stones by my eyes!* *actualizes the power*

Leafgirl: *thinks: This moment is the reason why I have a weapon. I will shoot laser-leaves by my weapon* *actualizes the power*

Icegirl: *thinks: Oh, leaves... I will easily freeze you with my weapon.* *actualizes it*

BlackGirl: *thinks: Oh, it's my time to bully you. I'm not evil, but mean, this is why I am BlackGirl! Shoot black lasers, eyes!* *actualizes it*

Fireboy: *comes back to watch the fake war*

ZungBoy: *thinks: It's not a war, it's called just bullying each other, I will bust you with my knee's lasers, Watergirl and BlackGirl!* *actualizes it*

BlackGirl and WaterGirl: Ouch!

ZungBoy: But, who will bully me?

Icegirl: After melting Leafgirl, I will freeze YOU! This is just my new method of bullying. Girls do this like me, boys do this like you. So, Freeze My Friend!

ZungBoy: *freezes*

Fireboy: I must stop them.

Fireboy: STOP GUYS! I'm not colorblind anymore!

Icegirl: Oh, I thought I need to freeze them all. *melts ZungBoy*

ZungBoy: I'm melted.

Fireboy: I see it. But I'm not colorblind anymore!

Everyone: Yippy! Yay!

Watergirl: You must also bully someone.

Fireboy: *thinks: Fire is my species, Fireboy is me! Shoot fires eyes! Now!* *actualizes it*

WaterGirl: Ouch... But you will still be my boyfriend.

BlackGirl: We just showed what would the Bully do.

Avon: Someone called me?

Everyone: *slaps his/her own forehead*