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(school is seen outside, 1 second later inside, Jaxson Thiss talking with Avon)

Mr. Thiss: Was it you did'em?

Avon: What?

Mr. Thiss: Was it you almost pushin' Rockboy's wet head into a connector three weeks ago??


Rockboy: Stop this.

Avon: Nope!

(Rockboy kicks him)

(Flashback ends)

Avon: I did never do that.

Mr. Thiss: Was it you stealing Vanessa's math exercise book two weeks ago?


(Vanessa is watching her math exercise book, when Avon suddenly appears, stealing her math exercise book from Vanessa)

Vanessa: Hey!!! I was trying to study, you bastard!

Avon: (off-screen) I am much more important than you!

(Vanessa sighs)

(Flashback ends)

Avon: I didn't do that either.

Mr Thiss: Was it you dropping a stone at Waterboy's head from a balcony the day before yesterday?


(Waterboy walks in the schoolyard, when Avon is in a balcony, laughs evilly, and drops a stone at his head)

Waterboy: HEY!!! Your a moron, Avon Gurff!

(Flashback ends)

Mr Thiss: (happily) Okay, then it was not you, though you were thought to be a bully! (closes the door)

(Fireboy and Watergirl angrily look at Avon)

Watergirl: What about honesty?

Avon: But I'd not do them!!!

Fireboy: We've seen you. So can't lie!

Avon: So don't say I wasn't honest!

Every student appearing in that classroom: BE HONEST AVON! HONESTY IS COOL! BE HONEST! B-E H-O-N-E-S-T!!!

Avon: I just was.