"Be Honest" is a S2 episode.


Avon is lying about not bullying students in order to not get detention. Mr. Thiss, still thinking he is suspicious, even views his student file. However, while Avon is unaware of Mr. Thiss viewing his student file, Mr. Thiss is unaware of Avon's bullying as well.


The episode begins at school, with Jaxson talking to Avon to discover if he did some minor crimes. The crimes were: attempting to wet Rockboy's face then make him kiss a connector, stealing Vanessa and Firegirl's homeworks, and dropping a heavy stone at Waterboy. Despite the fact that it was Avon all along, he pretends to be innocent, which Mr Thiss falls for (although he is still not sure). Then Avon goes back to the classroom, and notices Fireboy and Watergirl glaring at him. They tell him that honesty is good, but Avon lies that he is always honest, but due to there being so much evidence of Avon's lies, the whole class yells at him saying "Be honest!".



  • This is the second time ZungBoy's real name is shown. The first is in "The Waterfall".
  • This episode marks the second time Pencil Girl appears (though this one is a flashback) in the show. The first was in "Becoming the Mate of the Bully".
  • Despite him being unaware that Avon was doing the minor crimes at school, Mr. Thiss had a list of things that Avon did, that included when Avon stole Firegirl and Vanessa's books.
  • In the scene before Avon stole Firegirl and Vanessa's books, Water Dolly is at the classroom. However, she is missing at the next scene.
  • One of Watergirl's eyes disappears when the whole class yells at Avon.